42 Buttons: A weird name for an odd band

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The aim is that the beautiful bodies and the turgid buttocks of the audience can't stop moving

42 buttons first year was just spectacular: they won the 2nd edition of the Fender Club Music Contest, were second on the Emergenza Festival and finalists on the EDP Marathon Music Contest. Such achievements have got them into amazing gigs like Cultura Inquieta Festival sharing stage with bands like Fundación Tony Manero, Aurora & the Betrayers, Seguridad Social, Red House, etc.

They have published a live EP/DVD with some of their best songs, a studio single called Change the World which was released on late 2018, and there is a surprise coming soon. The band has proven the perfect match between electronic and black music and has received a warm welcome within specialized critics and public.

But, why 42? Well, maybe this is one of their deepest secrets, so let your imagination fly. That’s the main reason 42 buttons are so addictive: their music is a journey along an own imaginary where bucolic landscapes meet combative lyrics that don’t forget the present social troubles.

No one has defined the sound of the band better than the digital music magazine La Ganzúa who spotlighted: “…complete and energetic concert which convinced all the public, with an excellent mix of funk, jazz excerpts, ska and old rock with a particular smell of a 70's movie soundtrack”.

This is the 42 buttons presentation: energy and “the ability to balance instrument virtuosity and entertainment”. In the band’s own words, “the aim is that the beautiful bodies and the turgid buttocks of the audience can't stop moving”.

  • Synthesizers and bases everywhere

  • Influence of classic funk grooves of the 60's and 70's

  • Harmonic and rhythmic complexity imported from this genre

  • Forcefulness, poise and sound, when the occasion demands

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